1. dkowalsky2@gmail.com

    “One of the most common baseball superstitions is that it is bad luck to mention a no-hitter in progress, especially to the pitcher and in particular by his teammates (who sometimes even go so far as to not even be near the pitcher).[1] Some sportscasters observe this taboo, while others have no reservations about mentioning no-hitters before completion (and are sometimes blamed for jinxing no-hitters).[2] In the age of television, cutaways to commercial breaks often feature a line score, visually informing the viewer of the no-hitter in progress even if the announcer keeps silent about it.”


    I realize you’re a broadcaster, Mr. Anderson, but these types of things need to be respected.

  2. mubadgers@aol.com

    Amen to the last comment!! When your co-broadcaster tells you they are not comfortable talking about something get a clue!! I hope that they make you take a bus (or better yet walk) to Houston. Respect the tradition (even if it isn’t rational) — thank God for Uke and the radio!!

  3. mattj34

    Both of you are totally wrong.

    Its his job to talk about the game! When people tune in, they want to know whats going on. If I would turn the game on in say the 6th inning and Anderson remained quiet about the no-hitter, I would have no clue and probably turn off the game. But by him letting everybody know people are going to stick around and increase ratings.

    Bush lost the no hitter because of a bad pitch, not a broadcaster!

  4. brewersfansince93

    You know if we did what we did this year in Philly in the playoffs, we would be the World Champs!!

    Brew-nited we stand

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