(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)


Prior to my days as the Brewers TV Announcer, I called live golf tournaments for Golf Channel. One of the most exciting and entertaining players I covered was Bubba Watson.

During my time, Bubba was stuck on the Nationwide Tour mostly because of his over-aggressiveness and a fidgety putter. He was a train-wreck and a masterpiece all in one, every week.

Yet, there he was Sunday, on golf’s most treacherous greens, Augusta National, putting his way to a Green Jacket. Bubba Watson is a Masters champion! I’m so happy for him.

I can share a story that Bubba shared with me during our days together on the Nationwide Tour. Growing up as a kid in Baghdad, Florida, Bubba would hit whiffle golf balls around the corners of his house. Around and ’round he’d go. Both ways. Hooks and slices. A great athlete with a self-made swing. All of those “trick” shots helped make him the most impressive shot-shaper in golf, along with being the longest driver on Tour.

That story popped in my mind when Bubba hooked his tee-shot into the trees on the second playoff hole, hole #10. ‘Ol Bubba, the king of bling, livin’ large at Augusta, stuck in the pine straw…Perfect! Now, the safe play is a punch out, then trust your putter. The “Bubba-play” is a giant hook around the trees, over the patrons, over the bunkers, onto the green. Just as he’d done thousands of times as a kid, with whiffle balls around his house in Baghdad.

He pulled off the shot of a lifetime. Two-putts later, his golfing-life changed. Way to go Bubba. Way to be a kid again on one of the biggest stages in sports!



  1. Dale Smaglik

    What a great story. I had heard about Bubba practicing in his house, but not curving the ball around the outside of his house. Do you think he could do it in four shots?
    The TV coverage on the last hole did not clearly show what he was facing for his second shot. How interesting to after it’s over what he had to do and

    • Dale Smaglik

      How interesting to know after it’s over how he had practiced those shots when he was a kid.
      One observation I had on the broadcast was when Oosthuizen left the 10th green after it was all over, it looked like the Golf Channel’s show the Big Break when a golfer must walk back to the clubhoise after being kicked off the show. How sad.

  2. Brian Kennedy

    I know it’s been a few days since his victory at the Masters, but what a performance it was. Very happy for him.
    To change the subject, I just want to say how much I enjoy your tv broadcasts with Bill Schroeder. Your professionalism and love for the game is evident.
    Thanks for making the television broadcasts interesting and entertaining as well as informative.

    You are a credit to the broadcasting profession and we are very lucky to have you.

    A longtime Brewers, Packer and Badger fan.


    Brian Kennedy
    Richland Center, WI

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