February 2009


Game three of the Cactus League schedule will be game one of the much anticipated webcasting schedule. Bill Schroeder and I will call the action from Phoenix Muni as the Crew heads to the heart of the Valley to take on the A’s.


Bill and I love doing the webcasts mostly because we don’t have to groom but also because it’s totally interactive. You can participate in the broadcast by sending your questions/comments to askthetruck@brewers.com.


This season, the “Ask the Truck” feature is where you can ask questions about the behind the scenes workings of Brewers TV and hear from our talented group of producers and directors. But, this spring on the webcasts, it’s where you go to get your questions read on the air…as long as you pass through the one-man production truck that is Kent Sommerfeld.


Sign up today at MLB.com to not only enjoy the webcasts this spring, but radio and television broadcasts feeds all season long.


Today, we attempt to do what Brewers Radio could not…win a game.


See you on the air!



Guest Blog: Telly Hughes

Hello Brewers Fans, I’m Telly Hughes and it’s an honor to join the FS Wisconsin Crew to cover the Crew!

Telly.jpgAfter a season covering the Minnesota Twins, it’s good to get back into the National League.

Prior to Minnesota, I covered the St. Louis Cardinals (I know!) for two seasons.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Brian and Bill on a hand full of occasions and I’m really looking forward to working with them on a full-time basis.

You will definitely get the chance to get to know me with FS Wisconsin slated to carry over 130 games. I will be a part of majority of those broadcasts.

Just a little about me and I’ll keep it brief. BA was absolutely correct when he said I’m a baseball guy. Played from Little League throughout college (Illinois State) and I truly have a love and passion for the game. I’ve been fortunate enough to even cover a World Series as a journalist.

So, to wrap things up, I’m really looking forward to being a part of Brewers baseball and I hope you all out there enjoy my presentation. Thanks again, and see you at Miller Park soon!

-Telly Hughes


Official FSWisconsin Press Release 




FOX Sports Wisconsin announced today that Telly Hughes has joined the FOX Sports Wisconsin team as host and sideline reporter.  Hughes will serve as an in-game reporter for Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks games, beginning with Brewers spring training coverage on March 31.


Hughes will team with current Brewers Live host Craig Coshun and analyst Davey Nelson to cover all of the station’s telecasts of Brewers baseball this season.  FOX Sports Wisconsin will cover 136 Brewers games throughout the 2009 season.


“Telly was an outstanding athlete at Illinois State University who lives and understands the world of sports” said Jeff Byle, Executive Producer for FOX Sports Wisconsin. “Our programming will benefit from his broad range of experience and professionalism.”


Hughes comes to Milwaukee from Minneapolis where he’s worked as a reporter and host for FOX Sports North over the last year. He was responsible for the network’s pregame, sideline and postgame coverage of the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Wild. While at FOX Sports North, Hughes also hosted Wolves Weekly, The Tubby Smith Show and Our Heroes: A Black History Month Special, which earned him a regional Emmy Award.


A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Hughes earned his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University where he also played baseball. He began his broadcasting career in Macon, Georgia as a weekend sports reporter for WMAZ and also worked as a sports reporter for CBS affiliate, WHO in Des Moines and for KPLR in St. Louis.



Tele News, Telly Hughes & Cory Provus

There will be two new faces/voices covering the Brewers in 2009. Telly Hughes replaces Trenni Kusnierek, now with MLB Network, as sideline reporter and Cory Provus replaces Jim Powell, now with the Braves, on Brewers Radio.


Telly Hughes has made a few cameos on Brewers TV in the past as studio host. Now, he gets the chance to cover the Brewers and Bucks exclusively as he joins us full-time in Milwaukee. Telly is a baseball guy. He played the game and he knows the game well. He’ll be a nice addition to our TV crew and we’re glad to have him.  


Cory Provus is a good friend. I’m looking forward to having him in the Brewers family. Having just gone through hiring process two years ago, I know the “beat down” they put you through to land one of the greatest jobs

in broadcasting. You have to impress the Brewers and their army of interrogators, the station (WTMJ), a panel of select sponsors and season ticket holders and the ultimate “Simon,” Bob Uecker. Trust me, he earned the job! Cory is a low maintenance, hard working journalist with great chops and a proper amount of humility. He’s a perfect fit.

As for the TV schedule, FOX Sports Wisconsin announced today that they will televise 136 regular-season games in 2009 with WMLW broadcasting 15 games over-the-air.

There will also be three spring training games televised.

FSWisconsin’s 136 game regular-season schedule will include an increased number of games to be televised in high definition (HD schedule to be released at a later date) as well as 15 day games that will be re-broadcast in primetime.  Telecasts on WMLW will be simulcast by FOX Sports outside Milwaukee.


Television coverage begins at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7 against the San Francisco Giants. .

The Crew will be seen a number of times on National Television as well. For the complete TV schedule, click here.

Don’t forget, the Cactus League webcasts begin Friday, February 27th. Bill Schroeder and I will call all exhibition games not covered by Brewers Radio.

Between Brewers TV, Brewers Radio and the Brewers.com webcasting, you don’t have to miss a single pitch in 2009. 

Can I get an amen?


Prince, Powell and Pitching

Greetings from Brew Town.

After a busy “Winter Warm-Up” weekend, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is anxious to play ball. All of us involved in the fan festivities were blown away at the turnout and enthusiasm displayed at the Riverside Theater and Midwest Airlines Center. Over 14,000 fans turned out and a great time was had by all. I spoke to a lot of fans over the weekend. Three P’s dominated the conversations. Prince, Powell, and pitching.

First, Prince. I had a good chat with the big man and he is genuinely relieved to get a two-year deal in place. He’s a show stopping drawing card. A player who “moves the needle” as we say in TV and now he’ll be paid like one. The Brewers get some financial certainty. They won’t have to go through what the Phillies are dealing with now concerning Ryan Howard and arbitration. It’s hard to budget when the salary a player makes isn’t decided until February.

Meanwhile, Prince Fielder gets some financial stability and as he put it, his family is now taken care of which allows him to concentrate on baseball. Prince is a great family man with a wife and two young children. I realize it’s all relative but playing a sport for a living has its hazards and the opportunity to secure your family can turn into big production on the job. Especially when you’re dealing with a player as driven and competitive as Prince Fielder. He told me he’s been working out with a trainer. He’s been doing some hitting drills for a few weeks as well and likes where his swing is right now.

Prince had a funny story about this batting cage he stumbled upon back in Orlando. He popped his head in the door and asked the manager if he could take some hacks. I’m sure the guy thought it was some kind of joke. Can you imagine? You’re sitting at work, waiting for your customers to get out of school and Prince Fielder shows up asking if he can borrow your batting cage. That would be like Uecker showing up at a music store asking to test out a microphone. Prince has been hitting there ever since and now he’s got the entire staff lined up offering to throw him batting practice. Prince couldn’t believe they recognized him. Ha!

Prince is happy and the Brewers are happy he’s happy!

As for Jim Powell…he’s officially been named the radio voice of the Atlanta Braves joining Don Sutton. Congrats to Jim. I know how much he loved Milwaukee and how much he agonized over the decision. He deserves a lead job. To call big league baseball for your hometown team, replacing the men (Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren) who inspired you to do this job in the first place, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He made the right choice. He’ll be missed. Jim was an extraordinary help to me and my family when I moved here in 2007. We spent many of hours on the buses and planes talking shop. I’ll be forever grateful for his friendship during our time together in Milwaukee. Now, Rock and I get to charge pre game meals in Atlanta to Powell’s account instead of Joe Simpson’s.

The Brewers system for choosing a broadcaster is thorough, I can attest. I still haven’t recovered. Bob Uecker is heavily involved in the process and his new partner will be announced soon. Please welcome whomever they choose with open arms. It’s not easy being the new guy.

The Pitching: When I last wrote, the plan was to add another starting pitcher. After speaking with Mark Attanassio and Doug Melvin, it appears they are set to begin the season with what they have. The payroll is in the $80-85 million range right now. Staying there allows some payroll flexibility to make a mid-season trade (e.g. CC Sabathia) if needed.

The Brewers feel the crop of free agent starters still available isn’t worth the payroll risk at the current asking price. They feel they’re in a better position to win by channeling funds to a closer (Trevor Hoffman) and position players: Ryan Braun and Jason Kendall (contracts last year), Mike Cameron and Prince Fielder (contracts this year), Hardy, Weeks and Hart (in arbitration). The young talent is now making millions instead of hundreds of thousands so the payroll approach has shifted. 

Meanwhile, they ask Yovanni Gallardo and Manny Parra to develop into front line starters (they are certainly capable). Then, the club is able to keep the financial flexibility that allows Doug Melvin to use the talented minor league system as currency for an impact trade if need be.

This season will also be an important year to replenish the farm system. Scouting Director Bruce Seid has said the Crew could have as many as nine of the first 100 draft picks in June. High draft picks cost big money in bonuses. Nine of the top 100 will require some serious financial planning. You don’t want to have all of these picks then not be able to get them signed and into the system. 

Only time will tell if the approach pays off. It sounds like a smart plan and I understand the thinking. I believe the Brewers are a playoff team right now. The power of tremendous fan support has given Doug Melvin and company leverage in a time when most teams are cutting back significantly. We are in the heart of an exciting era of Brewers baseball. Let’s enjoy it.