Tele News, Telly Hughes & Cory Provus

There will be two new faces/voices covering the Brewers in 2009. Telly Hughes replaces Trenni Kusnierek, now with MLB Network, as sideline reporter and Cory Provus replaces Jim Powell, now with the Braves, on Brewers Radio.


Telly Hughes has made a few cameos on Brewers TV in the past as studio host. Now, he gets the chance to cover the Brewers and Bucks exclusively as he joins us full-time in Milwaukee. Telly is a baseball guy. He played the game and he knows the game well. He’ll be a nice addition to our TV crew and we’re glad to have him.  


Cory Provus is a good friend. I’m looking forward to having him in the Brewers family. Having just gone through hiring process two years ago, I know the “beat down” they put you through to land one of the greatest jobs

in broadcasting. You have to impress the Brewers and their army of interrogators, the station (WTMJ), a panel of select sponsors and season ticket holders and the ultimate “Simon,” Bob Uecker. Trust me, he earned the job! Cory is a low maintenance, hard working journalist with great chops and a proper amount of humility. He’s a perfect fit.

As for the TV schedule, FOX Sports Wisconsin announced today that they will televise 136 regular-season games in 2009 with WMLW broadcasting 15 games over-the-air.

There will also be three spring training games televised.

FSWisconsin’s 136 game regular-season schedule will include an increased number of games to be televised in high definition (HD schedule to be released at a later date) as well as 15 day games that will be re-broadcast in primetime.  Telecasts on WMLW will be simulcast by FOX Sports outside Milwaukee.


Television coverage begins at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7 against the San Francisco Giants. .

The Crew will be seen a number of times on National Television as well. For the complete TV schedule, click here.

Don’t forget, the Cactus League webcasts begin Friday, February 27th. Bill Schroeder and I will call all exhibition games not covered by Brewers Radio.

Between Brewers TV, Brewers Radio and the webcasting, you don’t have to miss a single pitch in 2009. 

Can I get an amen?



  1. davewillie

    I don’t think Cory was the best choice to replace Jim Powell, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Just remember Kent Derdivanis, Dwayne Mosely, Steve Shannon, and Loren Brown. They were worse than the yeast smell as I drove from Waukesha to Milwaukee on I-94.

  2. dewdeck88

    BA, what’s the word on the HD schedule for FSN? How many games this year can we expect in high definition? I remember you saying late last season that, “the day that all Brewers games will broadcast in HD is not far away.”

  3. bubbles51

    I don’t agree with milcrew2, but let’s give Cory Provus a benefit of a doubt.
    Cory is qualified and I’m sure he will be fair.
    I need help from the Brewers faithful, I don’t remember who Telly Hughes is? Was he the gentleman with the dark hair who was with Cirillo with post games?
    Otherwise, I am sick of winter and can’t wait to hear and watch the Brewers this year!

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