May 2009

S.C.O.R.E Day

Tuesday, I had the chance to make a S.C.O.R.E day appearance with Trevor Hoffman at Lincoln Elementary in Wauwatosa. My message to the students is to make sure they know they are special. Each of them has a unique set of gifts and talents that can make them successful. I always leave them with one phrase: “What makes you special…does not make you special!” I’m no great sage but I try to make sure they realize that despite special talents, none of us should expect special treatment. It’s important to think about others, to be respectful and appreciate the opportunities we are given.


Living in the fantasy world of Major League Baseball, this message is sometimes easier to hear than believe. Not with Trevor Hoffman as the headliner, however. What an impressive individual. As I told the Lincoln students, here is a man who has a gift that has allowed him to achieve more saves than any player in the history of baseball. He’s a lock for the Hall of Fame. He’s spent nearly two decades performing at a very high level and making an impact on his community both on and off the field. Despite his accomplishments, he doesn’t require special treatment. On this day, Trevor was the first one there, he always shows up on time. He signed autographs, took pictures and did it with a smile. He’s one of those individuals that is as respectful to the batboy as he is the owner. 


His message to the students was thoughtful and deep. He spoke for nearly an hour and you could tell he prepared his message at length. I couldn’t help think how rare his character is in this “look at me” society.


Hoffman is an “above and beyond” guy. That applies to his baseball career and it certainly applied to his message to the students Tuesday at Lincoln Elementary. Kudos to Trevor. Kudos to Katina Shaw, Larry Hisle and the Brewers players. Every player made an appearance at a local school Tuesday on behalf of the S.C.O.R.E. program. It’s the one day we bring attention to a great program that operates every week of every year and creates a unique connection between the town’s team and the town’s schools.





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