1. cavalier81


    First, I’m proud to say that I just signed on to sponsor Bill Schroeder’s page at baseball-reference.com. The sponsorship is not up yet, but will be soon, at


    Second, I just heard your reference during the “power delay” during Saturday night’s game versus the Cubs to a power outage in your collegiate game versus Rice. Two things about that particular reference — (1) I too am a St. Mary’s University Rattler, having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1985 and a master’s in 1991, and (2) I am a friend of Michael Zolecki, and was coached by Joseph Zolecki, and played on teams with Michael’s brothers David and Mark (including the 1981 state champions from Thomas More High School)… cue the Springsteen (all you’re left with, mister, is boring stories of glory days… )

    I am a big fan of Charlie Migl, and had the honor of being coached by him for all of six weeks during the fall of 1981, before I was gently released by Coach Elmer Kosub! 🙂 I was also happy to have been in attendance at his 500th win, at good old V.J. Keefe Field on the StMU campus, hard by the 36th Street entrance.

    Good luck to you… I really enjoy your fine work, and gentle sense of humor. I hope to shake your hand at some point, and wish you well in person.

    Kurt Weber
    StMU 85, 91
    (also University of Texas, 1999!)

  2. brewboys32

    Anybody know what song Prince came up to bat to last night? Whatever it was, it worked, that was his best game! Best game I’ve been to this year, 4 bombs!

  3. enocelot

    Ouch just when I thought you must have the best job in the world….. Now I think you should get hazardous duty pay!


    Have been really enjoying you guys on MLB.com- you may recall, I am your biggest fan in Budapest, Hungary.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. barreltap

    B.A., just to let you guys know. I turned off ESPN’s coverage of yesterday’s Cardinal game in deference to your and Rock’s call on FSN. Although I’ve been a Brewer fan and baseball junky since 1970, I continue to learn so much about the nuances of the game and specific game situations from and through the way you two interact and call games. Thanks for that. I am jealous of what you guys get to do for 7 months of the year!

  5. enocelot

    Gotta agree with that. BA and the Rock are probably the best team around.

    I think Rock should be coaching.

    The two of you sound like friends sitting in the stands (or on bar stools) while watching the game… but you also sound like two friends who know a lot about baseball. Makes me feel like I am there, which is saying something….

    Great stuff.

  6. mtomlin

    Agreed! My husband Hank and I moved to AZ and we are still Brewer fans, and love the fact that we can see BA and Rock calling the games. We have the MLB package, Never the same watching when we must watch the other guys. Thanks to you both! Say congratulations to Prince for us! What a fun, exciting game last night (6-14-09).

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