July 2009

Guest Blog: Bill Schroeder

My TV pards, Bill Schroeder, drops by the House of Blogs this week for a Fantasy Camp rundown. I participated in Fantasy Camp in 2008 and had a blast! Many organizations say they deliver a “big league” experience but very few do. The Brewers Fantasy Camp delivers! It runs exactly like Spring Training runs for the real Brewers…trust me, I’ve seen ’em both. Hope you’ll join us this year, you’ll have the time of your life!



You’ve dreamed it…Now go for it!

Hey fans, Rock here…Just wanted to invite you all to Brewers Fantasy Camp this winter in Phoenix. I have been running the camp each of the last six years and it’s a great way to get the baseball juices flowing in anticipation of the upcoming season at Miller Park. The weather is great, the grass is green, and the experiences and friendships last a lifetime.


Fantasy Camp is a week long baseball experience at the Brewers spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Men and women, ages 30 and over, live like a major league baseball player for the week and are coached by former Brewers players. Coaches include Gorman Thomas, Jim Gantner, Mike Fetters, Pat Listach, Chris Bosio, Rob Deer, Don Money and others.


Campers play two games daily and wear authentic Brewers uniforms that you get to take home. There is a locker with your name on it in the Brewers spring training locker room and your uniform is washed a hung in your locker each day.


The week includes roundtrip airfare to Phoenix, hotel accommodations, daily breakfast and lunch, and nightly happy hour at the hotel. There is Q &A with the coaches each night plus trivia questions for prizes. One of the most popular days of the week is the coaches game on Saturday when campers get to play a game against the staff. You also get to play a game on the field at Miller Park during the summer. Imagine standing on the mound, in a big league ballpark, facing one of your favorite Brewers’ legends or taking a swing at a pitch thrown by a World Series hero. 


Fantasy camp is the ultimate baseball experience for the true baseball fan.

For information: Click here, brewers.com/fantasycamp or call 262-679-3612.


Get your game face on and join us this winter in Phoenix from January 31 to February 7th.


I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix,


Bill Schroeder
Fantasy Camp Director

Ask The Truck

Recently, we received a note from Dennis Waterman concerning the sound quality for Brewers TV. Since it seems like a common problem in some markets, I decided to post FS Wisconsin’s response to Dennis’ question below:







I have sent this to various places a couple of times, but nothing happens.  Hopefully you can address it.  AGAIN today the CROWD MIC is MUCH LOUDER than the announcers.  We can barely hear Bill and Brian over the crowd noise.




Thanks for your note. This is not the way we produce the telecast or how we send the show to fans.  The problem is something typically found when the cable company in a given area accidently mixes together two different audio channels — one intended for viewers and the second that local stations use to run highlights without hearing our announcers.


The second channel of sound, called “natural sound,” is accidentally overlapped by the cable operator.  We’ve been in touch with the cable provider in your area with how they can correct this problem.


Thanks for letting us know and for watching Brewers baseball.


Joseph Maar
Coordinating Producer
FOX Sports Wisconsin

My view at Wrigley Field