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Recently, we received a note from Dennis Waterman concerning the sound quality for Brewers TV. Since it seems like a common problem in some markets, I decided to post FS Wisconsin’s response to Dennis’ question below:







I have sent this to various places a couple of times, but nothing happens.  Hopefully you can address it.  AGAIN today the CROWD MIC is MUCH LOUDER than the announcers.  We can barely hear Bill and Brian over the crowd noise.




Thanks for your note. This is not the way we produce the telecast or how we send the show to fans.  The problem is something typically found when the cable company in a given area accidently mixes together two different audio channels — one intended for viewers and the second that local stations use to run highlights without hearing our announcers.


The second channel of sound, called “natural sound,” is accidentally overlapped by the cable operator.  We’ve been in touch with the cable provider in your area with how they can correct this problem.


Thanks for letting us know and for watching Brewers baseball.


Joseph Maar
Coordinating Producer
FOX Sports Wisconsin


  1. usmcbrewerfan

    What is this guy crying about. I wish I could never hear you or Rock talking during a game, that way I wouldn’t have to use my mute button all the time, cause you guys both suck!


    If you haven’t already read it, please check out the article on page W14 of the Weekend Section of Saturday’s (9/26) Wall Street Journal, especially the paragraph:

    “Since television gives us all the action, commentators are most valuable when they provide information that fans cannot discern for themselves. We want more than tedious dissection of the previous play, canned facts from press releases or trivia about as athlete’s childhood.”

    My wife and I have driven from Oshkosh to Miller Park for seven games this season so we have to enjoy the Brewers via radio or TV for most games.

    I have to say that both you and Bill are guilty of what the article says . Please pass this on to Cory Provus as he is even more guilty.

    Tom Allen

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