Game three of the Cactus League schedule will be game one of the much anticipated webcasting schedule. Bill Schroeder and I will call the action from Phoenix Muni as the Crew heads to the heart of the Valley to take on the A’s.


Bill and I love doing the webcasts mostly because we don’t have to groom but also because it’s totally interactive. You can participate in the broadcast by sending your questions/comments to


This season, the “Ask the Truck” feature is where you can ask questions about the behind the scenes workings of Brewers TV and hear from our talented group of producers and directors. But, this spring on the webcasts, it’s where you go to get your questions read on the air…as long as you pass through the one-man production truck that is Kent Sommerfeld.


Sign up today at to not only enjoy the webcasts this spring, but radio and television broadcasts feeds all season long.


Today, we attempt to do what Brewers Radio could not…win a game.


See you on the air!



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