Week two is underway of the Cactus League schedule and we’ve enjoyed reading all of the emails coming in from all over the globe. Each day during the webcasts, you can send your questions/comments directly to the booth at We try to get to as many as we can so be persistent and be patient if your entry doesn’t get read on the air right away.


There were a number of emails Monday about my daily routine/prep schedule for a webcast compared to a TV game. My day is mostly the same with the exception of production meetings. For a TV game, Bill and I meet with our crew (producer/director/graphics prior to every game to discuss all elements of the broadcast. Since it’s just us on the webcasts…no meeting necessary.


Other than that, it’s pretty much the same routine I keep every game day of the season. I’m a creature of habit. I’ve been doing the same thing since I started calling minor league games in the Texas League in 1994. It’s like studying for a test every day. Except the test is something I actually enjoy!


Because you asked, here is the Spring Training day in the life of BA:  


*The night before: Research next day’s opponent (usually 2-4 hours depending on how well I know opponent)


7-8am: Family time, workout, etc…

8-10: Home prep (fill out scorebook, notes on pitchers/lineup/injuries)

10: Drive to ballpark

10:30-Noon: Field prep (clubhouse/batting practice…talk to Ken Macha, coaches, players, etc…)

Noon-12:30pm: Lunch

12:30-1: Booth prep (finish scorebook entries, check news around MLB)

1-4: On the air

After game: To clubhouse for post game thoughts, check health status of injured players, harass Mike Vassallo, etc…

5pm: Home.

Family time until @ 9pm then rinse and repeat.


That’s my day here in Arizona, pretty cool, huh?

I know I’m a lucky dog to be doing what I do. I love every minute of being a big league broadcaster.


See you on the webcasts!


One comment

  1. mlbfanwi

    Brian as you can see I am a Cubs fan but I live in Wisconsin so I end up seeing a lot of Brewers games. You are one of the best play by play BA?s (2nd to you know who 🙂 in the game and it?s cool you are blogging. Keep up the good work and I think it will be a great season for both ball clubs this year.

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