My View in Houston

…One of the best in Baseball!



Yo BA-
Happy Youngster here. Thanks for the friendly greeting. You rock, man. Keep up the good work.

I went to Houston once. I wish I would’ve had more time to explore the stadium, but I had driven all the way from Tuscon, AZ and got to the game a few minutes before game time. But it was an awesome stadium!


PS- I really love how you are taking pictures at every stadium! It’s a cool idea!

We love seeing the view of all the ballparks! Nice to be able to see the similarities and difference in them. Thanks

Hope this trip to TX brings out the best in all!
the ship is taking on water, but hope springs eternal.
Bill V.
West Bend, WI
whenever you say Dale Sveum’s name, it sounds as if you are saying “Swain”, but Wikipedia says it is an M-sound…

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