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Hi all, Yostn08ps022_3

We’ve been on the air since February 28th but Friday we add color pictures to the mix with the first Brewers telecast on FSN Wisconsin.  Air time is 9pm CST so stay up late and enjoy a taste of Spring Training baseball. We’d prefer to show you some Arizona sunshine but a night game will have to do Friday in Peoria as the Crew takes on the China-lite Padres. We will be back in the natural light Sunday afternoon for our first telecast on WMLW (air time is 3pm CST).

Cameronm08ps025_2 So far so good in camp. For the most part, the team is healthy and at this point, it’s all about getting the pitchers ready. I think the position players would like to start the season yesterday.

I really like what I see in this team. I can certainly feel the energy that’s brewing in anticipation of Opening Day. The last few games aside, the Brewers are much better defensively, especially up the middle. Mike Cameron changes the dynamic of this club and you can’t underestimate the value of an expert game caller behind the plate in Jason Kendall.

Skipper Ned is going to have to make some tough decisions regarding the back end of the rotation, center field (during Cameron’s suspension), and back up catcher. We’ve been getting tons of emails daily during the webcasts at Most of ’em involve these three storylines.

Kaplerg08ps016_4 Ned’s response has been, "Too early!" But the bottom line, whomever he takes North will have had an exceptional spring because the competition has been that good. I’ve been especially impressed with Manny Parra and Carlos Villanueva on the mound. Gabe Kapler’s bat has been nothing less than "shocking" considering he missed an entire season of competition last year. 

Friday and Sunday, you’ll get the chance to see for yourself. Let us know what YOU think.

See you on TV,


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