We’re On The Air…

It’s time!

After five months without the "fix," Brewers baseball will be there for you almost daily for the next eight months! Brewers baseball is on the air this spring via webcasts, radio and television. You’ll be able to hear or watch every spring game. 

Rock and I will cover the weekday, day games on www.brewers.com. You can listen to every broadcast of every team for the entire season for less than $15. Sign up at MLB.com.

All night games and weekend games will be on the Brewers Radio Network with Bob and Jim.

There will be three televised games on FSN Wisconsin and WMLW as well, March 14, 16 and 24.

We’re making the webcasts interactive again this year. Please feel free to email your questions directly to the booth during the game at BillandBrian@brewers.com. If you can get through the gatekeeper, we’ll read them on the air. Keep ’em short so we can weave them in between pitches. We’d love to hear from you.

I love what I’m hearing from the Brewers this spring. The FSN crew and I have been assembling a ton of elements for some upcoming shows. Some of the highlights include a Ryan Braun piece for an upcoming "FSN’s In My Own Words" which will air in April. We went behind the scenes with Doug Melvin and the front office team which should be very cool. Ned Yost offered the best sound bytes of the spring. You can hear that interview on the Brewers Pre Season special and the spring telecasts. 

Can’t wait to get started. See you on the air.


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