Kid Crew

What a home stand…two sweeps and a two-out-of-three. 

I’m playing my "Chad Pennington" card and stating for the record that it is an absolute privilege to watch these Brewers play every day.  Not just because of the current success, but because of the potential returns as well.   

Brewer fans, you should be pumped up about where this team is headed.  I look out from the booth and see these young faces perform the way they do, I am amazed.  When Geoff Jenkins starts in left and Ben Sheets is on the mound, every face looking back at me is of Brewer cloth.  Only the catcher (Estrada or Miller) in that scenario is not produced by the Brewers farm system. 

The entire starting infield is 24 years of age or younger…which is younger than my brother’s A-ball team in Bakersfield.  Never in the history of Major League baseball (I’ve checked ’em all, I think) has there been a younger "everyday" infield lineup.  The closest I could find was the 1973 Dodgers. Steve Garvey (24), Davey Lopes (28), Bill Russell (23), and Ron Cey (25).  That infield stayed together for nine seasons and helped produce four National League pennants and one World Series title.

Ned Yost refers to his ballclub as "young kids," much to the delight of Brian Shouse and Damian Miller.  The staff deserves some credit for setting a daily tone of "business as usual" regardless of the previous game’s outcome.  That being said, I think that playing for the Brewers this season is a new breed of kid.  Based on the way they carry themselves on and off the field, only the date of birth column on the roster gives away the evidence of age.

So, why not this team?  They don’t play like kids, they don’t act like kids, they just are.  Unwavering, confident, and resilient. 

Kid Crew!  They’ve passed every test so far.


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