Engvall Says Thanks

Hello Brewer fans!  Well, once again the great people of Milwaukee have proven to me that it is truly America’s city. I had one of the best times that I have ever had in a town. Not only did it start with visiting Miller Park, where I met some of your Brewers, but had the honor to meet Ned Yost and the one and only Mr. Bob Uecker.

What a beautiful park you people have there, my goodness.  Even if for some unknown reason you happen to not be a fan of baseball, you should go to that park just to see it. Your own Brian Anderson set it all up for me and the Brewers and Tyler Barnes could not have been more hospitable.

Then, that night I had one of the best shows that I have had in a while.  The Milwaukee fans are the best, and love to laugh. I didn’t want to get off stage. My dream would be an Angel-Brewer World Series, I would be at every game. Both home and away. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone in your fair city and let you know that it will not be the last time I visit America’s City. Thanks again and good luck the rest of the season.

Bill Engvall

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