Guest Blogger: Bill Engvall

Way to go Brew Crew!!! Stay hot!

Wanted to tell a story that happened at a ballgame the other night.  I took my family to an Angels game.  We were playing the Seattle Mariners.  Normally we have a good group that sits around us in our seats.  When I say good group, I mean people that are baseball savvy.  You know, the kind of people who understand the way the game is supposed to be played.  Well, apparently someone in our group gave his tickets to a mo-ron. 

Now, by mo-ron I mean a guy that brings his kids to the game to teach them the way NOT to behave at a baseball game.  This guy is screaming and yelling and telling the umpire which pitches were balls and strikes.  Just for reference we sit in the second level, which are great seats for someone who wants to get a 
full perspective on the game but not close enough to have any idea about whether a 95 mph fast ball cut the corner or not.  I always figured the man standing right behind home plate has the best vantage point on a call like that.  Anyway. this yahoooo is swilling beer and booing everything. Everyone around this guy is getting irritated and the ushers aren’t doing anything.  But lets face it, the ushers are a lot like the UN…they are there but they really can’t do anything.  Well, if you have ever wondered if there are baseball gods, worry no more. 

About the sixth inning this guy is in full swing when a left handed batter for the Mariners comes up.  Now where we sit, we get two kinds of foul balls.  Those lazy pop fly fouls and then the ball that comes at you on a rope.  Ervin Santana delivers the pitch…the batter swings and ropes a foul ball right into our section…the drunk stands up to try and catch it.  With no glove he puts his hands up and as if all the gods in baseball were working on this, the ball comes directly to him, hits his hands, goes through is grip and drills him in the chest.  Normally, in our group there would be concern over the health of someone having to go through this.  The entire section cheered as he was knocked back into his seat and a kid right behind him caught the deflection. 

I think it is truly American to take your kids to the ballgame.  In fact, it should be a law!  However, when you take your kids remember they mimic what they learn.  Needless to say, the rest of game was enjoyable as we watched this "fan" rub his chest for the next 3 innings. 

Well, peace my friends and remember…someone is always watching you.

Bill Engvall

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