The Hang

Many have asked where I’ve been hanging out before and after games.  Mostly, I’ve been grinding in my apartment but on the occasions I’ve been out on the town, there have been a few spots worth mentioning…for your approval, of course. 

The 4th Base was great.  Loved the food, service and atmosphere.  The smoke chokes a little but it’s my kind of place and I was impressed that the wait staff remembers your name.  It’s close to the ballpark and offers a solid education on all things Milwaukee.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the Champps in Brookfield.  It’s big, it’s new, the food is good and the flat screen, hi-def TV’s make me want to move in.  Easy to follow multiple games and have some chow.  One day, I was there so long I ate lunch and dinner without leaving.  I watched games and golf between meals while reading the sports pages.  That was a good day.

I’ve hit "Friday’s Front Row Grill" after games a few times as well.  Great spot. Convenient, very convenient.

Being "out" is nice, but the best meal I’ve had in Milwaukee was "in" at Brewers TV director Mitch Riggin’s house.  Can’t beat dinner, a ballgame and live music!  If you’re at Miller Park and you want to get on TV, Mitch is the guy to talk to…you better like the video link below, however, or you can forget it.

Here are some other recommendations from the blogworld:

Bill writes: "If you want some good Tex-Mex, La Perla is your spot."

Mike writes: "…remember a couple of things: When someone says "’Stallis", they mean "West Allis", when they say "Cudahee" they mean "Cudahy", a "bubbler" is a water fountain and if you really want to win their hearts mention Brett Favre a lot and walk around the parking lot before games with a circa 1980 George Bameberger jersey and sample the cuisine.  The only places to hang out is Wolski’s (just ask Matt Vasgersian and Drew Olson), anywhere on the east side, or Milwaukee Ale House (not my fav, but you will like the music)."

Sheila offers the "Water Street Grill" in Delafield.

Marc says: "Forget bars, a lot brat before a game will get you right where you need to be!"

And, Jeff Suppan suggests "Soup’s Grill" in SoCal…when it opens this summer.  I’ve got the house account!

Any others?  Bring ’em on.  Click on the comments icon below.


This is for my guy Mitch, Check it out: CLICK

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