Lot Squatter

We’re halfway through the Cactus League schedule and I’ve already had enough of Spring Training.  Opening Day can’t get here soon enough.  I’m ready for rosters to be set, lineups to be established, games to count, numbers to matter, and seventh inning "line changes" to disappear.

The closer we get to April 2nd and the Brewers opener versus the Dodgers, the more anxious I am.  The baseball, the crowds, Miller Park…all reasons for such anticipation.  But one subject that has me particularly interested is the much talked about Miller Park tailgating scene! 

I used to be an expert tailgater.  Then I began a career in sports and now I have to work before and after games.  I love my job but I could’ve turned pro in "hanging out."  I love to sit around and yap with good friends and good chow at a stadium.  I come from a long line of parking lot squatters.  High school football, baseball, and Texas Longhorn games were our regular stops as a kid.  We’d pack an illegal amount of people in the RV, plow our way to the stadium lots and set up shop.  Sometimes, we even made it to the game!  It was a guarantee…the dad’s would get stupid, the mom’s would get offended, and the kids would get grounded. Then, we’d rinse and repeat the very next week.  What great memories.  Stories for a lifetime. 

Even Texans know Wisconsin tailgating is legendary…and we think we invented everything.  I’ve heard it from just about everyone who knows anything about the Milwaukee Brewers…the tailgating at Miller Park is a must experience.  I’m looking forward to checking out the scene.  I’ve already made a few warm up stops in the Maryvale lots this spring.  But now I’m ready to see the main dish at Tailgater Park this season.

So feel free to share your stories and detail the rules of engagement.  Two weeks to go…we’re sending a camera crew your way so save ’em a spot.


Here’s a tailgater tune with an edge…a new CCR: CLICK HERE

Send your thoughts/questions.  Just click on the "comments" icon below.

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