Brewers in the Box

It’s TV time for the 2007 Milwaukee Brewers.  Saturday (March 10) kicks off the first of three televised Spring Training games from Maryvale Baseball Park.  Jeff Suppan is scheduled to pitch for the Crew versus the Diamondbacks.  Nice…I already love that guy.  Suppan is a broadcaster’s dream.  Works fast, throws strikes, and is a great interview.  You’ll be hearing from a number of other Brewers players and coaches "live" during the telecast as well. 

Bill Schroeder and I have done a week’s worth of webcasts and it has been big help for me.  I needed to knock a little baseball play-by-play rust off after four years with The Golf Channel.  The new Pards and I have had a great chance to get used to each other on the air.  It always takes a little while to learn each others rhythm but honestly, it’s been easy so far.  I put Bill Schroeder right at the top of the list, with Curt Byrum (TGC) and Sean Elliott (Spurs TV), as the most compatible TV partners I’ve ever worked with.  I’ve stepped on his oversized feet a few times but it’s been a smooth dance overall. 

Obviously, calling webcasts, which is essentially a radio call, is play-by-play oriented.  I believe this style of play-by-play is the most creative outlet for a sports announcer.  I’ve been yapping away because I have to.  Without the accounts and descriptions (with the express written consent of Major League Baseball, of course) the audience is in the dark. In radio, the pxp-man leads and the analyst follows. 

But, in television, it’s just the opposite.  The pictures provide the facts and the analyst drives the bus.  There is plenty of "play calling" involved but it’s mostly up to the pxp-man, producer, and director to weave the broadcast around what the analyst sees on the field.  We all contribute, but there is only one man on the crew who has played in the Major League’s and ultimately, that’s where the subject matter begins and ends. 

Saturday will also be my first game with Brewers TV producer John Walsh.  John, aka Johny Sweatsalot, is one of the most highly regarded producer’s in the FSN family.  I’m looking forward to getting some reps with him and the rest of the production crew before we tee it up for real April 2nd.  You can catch the Brewers on FSN North Saturday at 2pm CST, then Monday, March 19, on TV-41 WMLW (Cubs) and Wednesday, March 22, on FSN North (Rockies).  Also, be looking out for a Season Preview Show on FSN North in late March.  Otherwise, we’ll see you on the webcasts and thanks for the steady stream of questions at

See you on TV!


Perhaps a diamond in the rough offered up by Lazr4…I like ’em. Enjoy! CLICK HERE

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