Ha…remember that slogan? That’s what I tell my family when I have work to do.

Today, my “off-season” ends. It’s my final day in Wisconsin until Opening Day. As mild as the winter has been here this year, I’m still eager to get to sunny, 70 degrees and some baseball!

It was an off-season that got off to a late start (thank goodness) as the Brew Crew played through the third week of October. It’s an honor to have been able to call the Brewers recent playoff runs (’08 and ’11). I’m even more proud that Miller Park and Milwaukee, Wisconsin was exposed to the country in all it’s glory. Milwaukee is a baseball hotbed and everywhere I go, people ask me about it.

Soon after the NLCS, the Brewers approached me about an extension. What a blessing. I love living and working here. My family and I didn’t know a soul when we moved here in ’07. We have made a life here an I’m excited to plant deeper roots. Having spent nine years in the Minor Leagues, I know how rare job security is in this business and it’s not something I take for granted. I lived on Denny’s and Days Inn’s for way too long. I gladly accepted the offer (4 year extension). Rock is signed long-term as well so you’re stuck with us for a while.

The new deal will allow me to continue working for Turner Sports during the MLB season and postseason. I’ll continue working for Big Ten Network as long as they’ll have me and recently, I accepted an offer to join Turner/CBS Sports. I’ll be covering NCAA basketball the next two weekends along with the 2nd/3rd rounds of the NCAA Tournament next month. I enjoy calling games on a national stage and I enjoy calling games for the Brew Crew. I’m glad my bosses allow me to do both. Thank you, bosses.

I enjoyed the On Deck event this past January along with my normal appearances with Doug Melvin. I also helped put together a non-profit called The Point www.whatsthepoint.net.


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