1. jdachel@wi.rr.com

    I have been to between 600 & 700 games and this Brewer team is the dullest team I have ever seen. They have taken on the personality of the manager and he has to go. They are not hitting home runs and they need to find other ways to score. They have opportunities in every game and Macha just stands in the dugout with his arms folded doing nothing. He has to go. today Parra in the 3rd, 6runs, 8 hits and nobody up in the pen. I left the game today after the 5th inning. My 2 grandsons wanted to stay but I just can’t stomach this manager any more.

  2. rectifier2

    Brewers are not hitting home runs?? What!? The Brewers LEAD the NL in home runs currently! They absolutely are hitting long balls! Corey hart (21hrs) second in the league and Fielder (20hrs) 3rd in the league. Macha may be a litttle stoic, “so what” at the end of the day its the players performance that matters.. I think Macha has been making good decisions especially with the bullpen..

  3. throwback1982

    Macha’s job is a combination of making the right decision at the right time and getting the most out of each player each day. He doesn’t do that consistently enough to be asked back next year. And if you want to know why the Brewers keep getting hit at the plate, ask Macha. He instructs Brewer pitchers to NOT retaliate. If I could manage for 1 day, I would tell my staff to fire at the part of the body that they fired at. A head for a head and a back for a back. I would also yell and scream when I think my guys are getting screwed. The Team will resemble the Manager. In the Brewers case, this couldn’t be more true. The Brewers resemble a 65 year old Grandfather that can hang in there for a little while but eventually ends up falling asleep in the lawn chair. Macha must go and the same goes for Melvin. Trade Macha and Melvin for Pinella and Mac Phail!

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