I Back Jack

BrewersJack.jpgI’m calling on my extended Brewer family to help support a fundraiser that is close to my heart.

The I Back Jack Foundation was organized to support the funding of research for neuroblastoma and related childhood cancers. The “Jack” in “I Back Jack” is my neighbor and friend, Jack Bartosz. He’s a second grader still battling this brutal cancer after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2005. He’s a cool kid with a great family that could sure use some support.

There is no known cure for relapsed neuroblastoma and effective treatment does not yet exist due to a lack of funding for research.

That’s where we can help. On September 14, the I Back Jack Foundation will host a golf tournament and dinner at the beautiful Chenequa Country Club in Hartland, Wisconsin. Tee time is 12:00pm. The dinner and auction begins at 5:30pm.

I hope you will click the I Back Jack website for more information and consider joining us for some great golf, great food and great prizes to help raise money to support a foundation that is very important to me and my family.

All the best,


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