Jackie Robinson Day

robinson1.jpgWednesday is Jackie Robinson Day. All players will wear #42 to remember Mr. Robinson and honor the 62nd anniversary for breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

It is still hard to believe that only six decades ago, an African-American player in an MLB lineup was news. As you watch games and see all of those “42’s” throughout 15 ballparks Wednesday, remember the athlete, the soldier, the great man who changed the game and the country.

robinson.jpgIf you’d like to listen to Jackie Robinson’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech click here. He had every right to stand up there all day and empty out his tank. Instead, after all of two minutes and 42 seconds, he apologizes for taking so much time. He always knew what to say and he always knew when he didn’t have to say anything at all. Thank God for Jackie Robinson!



  1. kristinml

    Have you ever read Jackie’s autobiography, “I Never Had it Made”? It’s so good. He is an amazing man.

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