1. mlb mike

    Sad about Harry. Icon like Buck, Sully, Uke, Barber, Scooter, and Brickhouse.

    Brian, you had Jeff Tweedy, the Bob Dylan of this generation on and you really had no idea? I mean, I know all Texas has is a bunch of country-esque Bon Jovi sounding bands with lower voices, but really? Wilco. You sounded like Dick Cavett and you aren’t that old yet. I don’t even love Wilco that much, but I know that just because they aren’t on the radio that they are HUGE. Matter of fact, the radio is the last place to find them. They are not Britney Spears. Bill’s rather shameless plea for freebies sounded weird. Who was he going to give them to? Do you two even know any geeky Wilco fans? They sold out two Pabst shows in minutes. Enough said. Could the Texas Sage and Boytown Criers do that?

    Listen to the song, “The Late Greats” and get back to me. I think you will see that you missed out. Radiohead is the Beatles and Wilco is Dylan. Relatively.

  2. nashgrasgirl

    who do I need to talk to about being on the groundscrew for a day. Ive been doing it for the Sounds for the past two years. Grass looks great. I’m missing some of the former sounds from last year, but glad they made the move up.

  3. brewersfansince93

    This is the Center jewel of all of Milwaukee. The brick facade the Roof, the people. And the best part is that you can see the field anywhere you sit. If I could live there I would.

    Brew-nited we Stand

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