Last, Last Call – 2008

It’s time to close the book on the 2008 season. Thanks to all of you who visited this webpage. As the “hot stove league” heats up and moves are made, I’ll check back in right here on the House of Blogs with exclusive interviews of the new Brewers…so stay tuned.

It’s an honor to hold the position of Brewers television play-by-play announcer and responsibility I don’t take lightly. It was also a great thrill to be able to call the post season for TBS and an even bigger thrill to witness the first playoff games in Milwaukee in a generation. The city, the fans, Miller Park had all the “national-types” talking. Milwaukee showed very well on the big stage…just like we knew it would. Way to go! 

Recently, I signed a five year extension that will keep me in Milwaukee until the end of the 2013 season, at least. My family and I are thrilled. We love it here and feel blessed to be in such a special community.

Bill Schroeder signed a multi-year deal with the Brewers, as well, which I’m very happy about. I think he breaks down a game as well as anyone in the business and he’s a pleasure to work with on a nightly basis. He’s one of my best buds.

Special thanks to my on-air colleagues Jeff Cirillo, Davey Nelson, Jeff Grayson, Trenni Kusnierek and the glue that holds it all together, Craig Coshun, a pro’s pro!

And a big thank you to our entire Brewers TV crew, led in the truck by John Walsh, Ryan Schaber, Michael Oddino, Brian Mikolajek, and Brent Vallenti. Most of them will be busy with Bucks Basketball this winter but we all look forward to re-assembling for Spring Training baseball, which will be here before you know it.

I hope you have great off-season. I’m going to be hanging with the family, tuning up my snow blower and preparing for the winter. I’ll leave you with my some of my favorite highlights of the 2008 season:

Click the date (then click Wrap) to revisit the GAMEDAY story, video, and pictures:


Opening Day Tony Gwynn go ahead SAC fly in 10th.

5/1 Ryan Braun game winning, 2 RBI double.


Three Final AB wins in a row:

5/26 Gabe Kapler game winning single in 11th.

5/27 Mike Cameron walk off SAC fly in 9th.

5/28 Rick Weeks game winning RBI triple in 8th.


The Crew gets CC’d 

7/8 CC Sabathia Brewers debut.

7/13 CC Sabathia HR in 4th. CC Sabathia complete game.

7/21 Bill Hall game winning HR in 10th.

7/22 Bill Hall game winning HR in 9th.

7/24 Ryan Braun game winning HR in 9th.

8/24 JJ Hardy walk off single in 12th.

8/31 CC Sabathia complete game, 1-hit shutout.


Final week dramatics

9/23 Prince Fielder walk off HR in 9th.

9/25 Ryan Braun walk off Grand Slam in 10th.

9/28 Ryan Braun game winning HR in 8th. CC Sabathia complete game. Locker room scene after clinching first post season berth since 1982.

9/29 Post Season Rally at Summerfest.



10/4 Craig Counsell turns double play in 9th. Salomon Torres records final out, first Brewer post season win in 26 years.


This is my list, how ’bout some of your favorites?







  1. 0783

    Brian – thrilled that you signed an extension to stay with the Brewers. Thought that maybe TBS would take you away to bigger markets. I love the Brewers but truly appreciate the job you and Bill do in the booth. Amazing season!! Hardy’s bobblehead day hit had to be my favorite of the season.


    Hey Brian

    (Transplanted [lonely] Brewers’ fan here in [Cardinal country]Missouri)lol… First off, I would like to say that I’m glad that you signed that extension to remain in Milwaukee. I think you and Bill do a fantastic job!!!

    One sidenote: In regards to your little stint with TBS for OUR post-season play (and Praise God for that happening this year)… It must have been a little difficult showing excitement for not only the Brewers but the Phillies as well when the big plays were made. I’d be talking to my TV and asking you directly, ‘Brian why are you getting so excited about a Phillies grand-slam? Where’s you’re Brewers’ loyalty? Come on, anyone who faces us are the bad guys remember?’… LOL. I’m just kidding, I’m given ya hard time. I know, being in the media biz myself… I know that, unfortunately, you have to lean towards the nuetral side since it is a national televised game… (politics yuck!)

    Anyway, there were quite a few games that stick out in my mind this past year. 1) JJ Hardy’s bobble-head day, 2) Gabe Kappler’s gogetem’ in the stands catch in LF at Dodgers’ stadium, 3) All of Brauns, Fielders’, Sabathia homerun tags… (his pitching was pretty good too… lol) and there are quite a few more games, but the most valuable one for me this year, was that very moment when they clinched… a playoff spot!!! …PRICELESS!

    So, that being said… it should make for a very, very interesting winter for us don’t you agree? And last but not least, tip your hat to Ned Yost for getting us to that level of contention. Take Care and God bless Brian!

    Doc (Missouri)
    PS… Here’s a long-distance HI-5!!!!!!!!!

  3. enocelot

    Hey Brian!

    After giving you an extension, will we still be able to afford CC?

    Congrats on the extension, from Budapest that looks like a win-win contract…



  4. happyyoungster

    glad to hear you’re staying with us!!
    You and Rock make a great team.

    It’s a long offseason…enjoy it. And remember, lift with your legs not your back.

    Cheers…to a great ’08 season and to a snowblower that makes it through the entire winter!

  5. qactus

    Thank you for an outstanding 2008! As for my favorite moment, it had to be the final out on the final day of the season, but not of the Brewers game. The Mets game that day, an hour after the Brewers had won.
    You know me as the matrix board op at Maryvale Baseball Park, so when I say I flew to the ceiling when the playoff spot was ours, you know how hard that would be for me, and how exciting it was.
    We shall see you in the press box in 2009 at Maryvale, and GO BREWERS!
    In heaven there is no beer. That’s why we drink it here! (When the Brewers win)!

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