Monumental Monday

Sabathia2.jpgToday is no ordinary Monday.

Today is a monumental moment in the history of a beloved franchise.

Twenty six years without a playoff appearance. A generation of fans who’s July’s have mostly meant the exodus of their biggest stars.

But not today.

Today, the Brewers were buyers…acquiring one of baseball’s premier pitchers. A Cy Young arm joins a red hot ballclub, creating one of the game’s most powerful 1-2 punch.

What happens from here on out is unknown.

What happened today, proves this franchise means business.

Today, CC Sabathia is a Brewer!

The future is now, let the chase begin!



One comment

  1. lonsmdv

    if ownership pays the fans will continue to pay.a win-win to get a winner. an interesting concept for this ballclub.

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