Opening Week-ap

Opening Week is history and the Brewers capped it off with a bang. A Ben Sheets complete game shutout (the first since his rookie year in May of 2001) and a 5-1 start. It was great to see the record crowds, the most to see a series home opener in Miller Park’s existence.

Allow me to answer some questions:

CirilloJ05RS009.jpgSo, the family and I were delighted to hear that one of our favorite Brewers of all time, Mr. Jeff Cirillo, will be joining your broadcast team! In what capacity will he be joining you guys? -Meagan in Lake Country

Jeff Cirillo will be joining our FSN Wisconsin team Friday, April 18th in Cincy. Following that series, he’ll be the “road” version of Davey Nelson, acting as the “Brewers Live” studio analyst (with Jeff Grayson) for all Brewers away games. He’ll be a great addition and we are as excited as the fans to have him on board.

Why did you jinx Parra’s no hitter by announcing that Parra has “5 no-hit innings” against the Giants? -Gregg in ‘Tosa

ParraM07RS013.jpgSorry about that. It’s got to be done though. Believe me, I’m
as superstitious as it gets – I grew up in a baseball dugout – so it’s pains me to mention a no-hitter. But the announcer has an obligation to present the facts and build the story. I’m more concerned about those in the audience who leave the game because they’re not aware of what’s going on than I am about imposing my mystical powers on the pitcher. The casual viewer needs to hear there is something special so he can sit down and lock in. I’ve had this conversation with Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell and Bob Uecker among others…all say you have to mention the no-hitter.

Is it hard to talk with a producer talking in your ear constantly?  -Mike in River Hills

It takes some getting used to when you first start out but eventually it becomes second nature. You get used to hearing certain cues, like counting down to break and what the next element will be. You have to listen, while not listening if that makes sense. My wife says I mastered that skill at home long before I was on TV! 

Since Milwaukee is considered a small market team, what do you think the chances are we will lose our stars like Braun or Fielder to free agency after putting up big numbers here in Milwaukee? -JT in Green Bay

FielderP08RS141.jpgWay to kill the buzz, JT! No, that’s probably the most oft-asked question these days. Small market or not, the Brewers can contend for a championship for a long time and they own the rights to those players for a long time (Fielder through 2011, Braun through 2013). Brewer fans, even though it’s habit, you don’t have to spend any more energy wondering about the future. The future is now…enjoy it. The landscape of baseball economics is changing quickly so put your fears in the worry box and don’t open for four years.

BraunR08RS178.jpgWhat is your advice for aspiring broadcasters? –
Glen in Wausau

First, find a place to be bad on the air so you can listen to your call without pressure…that’ll help you get better quicker. Second, make sure you find a second means of income while you’re pursuing your broadcasting goals. Otherwise, you’ll starve to death. I worked at a golf course and was a cameraman for Spurs JumboTron while I did minor league baseball. Third, stay humble and don’t own it. If you stink, don’t own it, your broadcasting is NOT who you are. Treat it like a golf swing and fix your flaws. If you end up great, don’t own it, your success is still NOT who you are! There are plenty of great broadcasters who are arrogant, self-serving people already…don’t become another one.

Thanks for checking in and here’s hoping week two is as good as week one! 




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