Heeeere’s Trenni…

The Brew (TV) Crew and FSN Wisconsin made an impressive free-agent pick up this off season with the hiring of Trenni Kusnierek.

Trenni is a real pro. She’s experienced and comes to town already possessing great respect from those we cover. Her hiring allows us to properly execute the pre and post game shows. Brewers Live requires a ton of pre-game/during-game preparation so with TK working the dugouts and the stands, Craig Coshun can focus on his anchoring duties with Davey Nelson at the Brewers Live desk in right field. We played a man short last year so Trenni coming on board was welcome news, especially for Craig and me.

We all know Trenni well. She spent the last five years covering the Pirates (and others) at FSN Pittsburgh as an anchor/reporter. Prior to that, she was a reporter/anchor at WDJT-V, Ch. 58 in Milwaukee following a brief stint at WQOW in Eau Claire.  She’s appeared as a reporter for ABC Sports, NFL Network, and Big Ten Network. I like the fact that she’s worked behind the scenes as an associate producer, field producer, and as an assignment editor as well. Only her Milwaukee roots (Marquette University ’99, Muskego H.S. ’95) made it possible for us to get her on our team for 2008.

Trenni instantly makes the rest of us on the crew (especially Rock) feel older, fatter and pastier. Her workouts are legendary so maybe we’ll be healthier talking heads this season. She’s into the music scene and she’ll be a regular contributor on the House of Blogs. Without further adieu…heeeeere’s Trenni!

Kusnierek02copy_1Trenni Kusnierek

First, I’d like to say thanks to Brian for letting me ‘guest blog’ for him.  I love to write and this is a great way to interact with the most rabid of Brewers fans!   I think the most common question I’ve received since my return, is why I chose to come back to Milwaukee.  It was a long process, but in the end, I think the perfect decision.  Long story short, I really wanted to live in a city I love and work with the team I grew up rooting for.  I have an odd love affair with New York City, but something tells me the Brewers aren’t moving there any time soon!  Add in the fact the Brewers are a top notch, young organization with great ownership, and I was sold.  Plus, I loved watching Brewers broadcasts when I was away.  Brian, Bill, Craig, and Davey always seem to be having a blast.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?  There are very few people out there who can say they’re "living the dream", but I think I’m one of them. 

My hope is I can add to an already stellar broadcast team and not get in the way!  I’ve learned my lesson about lights in the stands (2000 season) and think I’ll be able to bring a dynamic to the broadcast that wasn’t possible before.  I’m not sure the average viewer knows how much work goes into preparing for each game, each series.  Between production meetings, manager interviews, player interviews, brainstorming, reading up on our team and the opponent, it’s hard to cover all the bases.  I’m hoping to fill in the blanks and take some of the load off the boys!  My goal is to ask questions and bring insights that the average fan has on their mind.  After all, I’m pretty much the on-camera version of the average fan.  The only difference, I went to school and spent hours in internships learning how to ask the right questions (sometimes) and deciphering what is useful versus useless information!  I’m not big on fluff, but don’t be surprised if you find me interviewing a guy who caught a big home run ball, or finding a way to run the sausage race.  I’ll be the Polish.  It’s a Milwaukee girls dream come true…

I would however, like Brewers nation to know I’m not all brats, beer, and baseball.  I will absolutely take in a game on my off day, but I’m also just as likely to hit up the Milwaukee Art Museum or spend an afternoon drinking coffee and reading the NYT, the New Yorker, or a great book.  (I’m currently finishing up ‘No Country For Old Men’ by Cormac McCarthy and about to start ‘The World’s Religions’ by Houston Smith.)  I’m an avid traveler who loves to visit international destinations.  My wish list currently includes a safari in Africa, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and hiking Machu Piccu in Peru.  Also on my ‘bucket list’ is to make a documentary.  I think one of the great things about journalism is the ability to speak for those who don’t have a voice, and filmmaking seems to be an amazing way to do that.  Last, but certainly not least, I’m a crazy runner!  I’ve completed two marathons and countless other races.  My hope is to qualify for the Boston marathon with a great race this fall.  I’d love any distance racing advice!

Enough about me!  I am really looking forward to talking baseball and any other topic that comes to mind this season.  I think this Brewers squad has a legitimate chance to once again be a contender and I’m honored to be a part of it.  Let’s go Crew!


…And, in keeping with Brian’s music themes, here is one of my favorites:

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