Brew Poo

There is an old saying that goes, "A stable without an ox is always clean."  Do you know what that means?  It’s a perfect parable for this 2007 Brewers team.  It’s actually perfect for just about everything you do in your life.

Back in the day, a farmer needed a big ox to plow the field.  No animal pulls a load better than an ox.  The bigger the ox, the more the farmer could plow.  The more the farmer could plow, the more productive and successful his farm could be. 

Ahh, but an ox has to eat…and we all know that the "load" an ox pulls is in direct proportion to the "load" an ox leaves!  Make sense?

Brewer fans haven’t had an ox in the stable for a long, long time.  Empty stable’s come with no mess, no clean up.  Empty stable’s also produce no bonus, no spoils.  Where’s the fun in that?  If you can handle a little "poop" along the way, hopefully there is a great harvest to enjoy very soon. 

With the Brewers, the seeds are in the ground.  They have extraordinary, young talent already producing in the Major Leagues, a dominant farm system, and an eager, aggressive owner and front office.  This franchise could be on fertile ground for years.  Maybe even this year.

The ’07 Brewers have struggled the last couple of months.  But, they have put together two significant stretches of winning this season.  With a little over a month to play, there is still time for the "click."  In baseball, the "click" can happen at any time. 

Tonight, the Crew begins a 3-city, 9-game road trip.  First up, Arizona.  The D-backs were just three games over .500 when they were in Milwaukee one month ago.  Now they are 17 games over and enjoy a four game lead in the NL West.  In one month!  How about that for a "click?"  The Brewers have it in ’em.  We’ll have a better idea if it’s "in ’em" this year when this road trip concludes.

Pennant races bring pleasure and unpleasantries.  So pull up your rubber boots and head to the stable.  You’ve got one big ox in there with these Brewers. 

Shovel with a smile!


Here’s a cool number "Live From Abbey Road" on the Sundance Channel Click

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