The Hood

All is good in the neighborhood.  Literally!  I finally have a neighborhood.  We moved into our house and are currently in the process of unpacking and getting settled.  It’s great to finally have a place to call home.  We have been blown away by the warm reception given to us by our new neighbors.  The people here are great!  What a blessing.  It was no fun going home to an empty apartment.  But, we are all here together, finally.  The family and I have been living out of a suitcase since December 28th.  Now Milwaukee really feels like home and we couldn’t be happier.

As for the Brew Crew…what a roller coaster ride this year has been, eh? One of the great things about working for Golf Channel was the fact that I was able to broadcast a "winning" performance every week.  Think about it…every Sunday, I signed off for the week calling the golfer who finished in first place.  No losing streaks, no o-fer’s!  It’s a different deal now.  I’ve spent pretty much every single day with this team since February 17th.  I like these guys.  I’m emotionally involved.  Broadcasting Brewer wins is easy.  The losses are tough because I want to be fair and "report" the game but I feel the disappointment of a loss just like the players and all of you.  I remember that feeling when I did minor league baseball but not to the extent that you feel it at this level.  So there is a balance to achieve on the air.

The stakes are certainly higher for this ballclub.  They expect, and are expected, to make it to the post season this season.  Whether they fulfill such expectations remains to be seen but, there is no doubt with so many young, talented players, this New Brew Crew has a chance to be very good for a very long time.  The core of this team is 25 years of age or younger.  Which is why this franchise is the envy of many inside the game of baseball.   

So, let’s enjoy the ride as we hit the summer. 


Here’s one from my bud PG…make sure you check him out at Summerfest July 8th..he’s great live, you won’t be disappointed: Click

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