Guest Blogger: Bill Engvall

Well, well, well…the baseball gods have smiled upon Milwaukee.  Due to the lovely weather in Cleveland which, by the way, I think would have been hysterical to watch a baseball game in that snow. Just think of the fun of starting your slide 20 feet from the base or homeplate and then sliding right on in to the backstop or into outfield. I think that we are missing a real opportunity here. Although I would not want to foul tip a ball or take one inside on the small part of the bat. Yeeesh!  It brings back memories of being a kid in the freezing cold and some dork would flick your ear. The vendors could sell for that one week Cleveland Indian ear muffs and scarves and parkas. 

Heck, why stop there Cleveland Indian thermal underwear.  Anyway, I digress.  You the Milwaukee baseball fans get a chance to see in your beautiful ball park the spectacular Angels baseball club, you must be giddy with excitement.  I know Brian is jealous that he can’t be there.  He’s miserable sitting on the beach in Miami.  Oh well, good luck and remember it could be worse, you could be in Cleveland

Here’s your sign…Go Brew Crew!

Bill Engvall

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