Away We Go!

Have you ever wondered what the Greyhound would do if he ever caught the rabbit?  Would he be disappointed?  I think he would race again because the chase is just as fun as the catch.  As we get ready to start the new season, I kind of feel like that mutt.  I have caught a big league bunny with this job.  My dream job.  But, now we move to the "keeping" portion of the race. 

Many have asked what my emotions are going to be like before the first telecast.  Well, I’ll tell you…nervous, excited, uncomfortable, humbled, fearful to name a few.  Every announcer wants to be liked and I’m no different.  Likability is what keeps us talking heads employed.  But, it’s not about me.  My voice, my style, is what it is.  My pledge.  My priority…is to make sure my Brewers still sound like your Brewers (at least the TV version).  Day by day, night after night.  A wise producer once told me, "An announcer cannot make a bad game great…but he can make a great game bad."  I agree with that.  My goal is to help keep the great games great and the bad games watchable.  Let’s hope the bad eggs are few and far between. 

I believe this team has a chance to win a lot.  Talent matters and the Crew has plenty.  Especially the pitching.  We asked Bill Hall the other day if he’s ready for 162 (number of games in a season).  He said with a smile: "At least!"  I love hearing that.  He’s expecting more than 162 and that’s what you want to hear from your leader.  All of the Brewers are expecting more this year.  There is a quiet confidence in that clubhouse and I can’t wait to watch this team attempt to cash in on the expectations. 

So, here’s to a new race!  On the field and in the booth.  It’s Opening Day…the greatest Opening Day of my career!  Hope you enjoy Brewers TV this season. 


And…for good luck.  My guy…SRV.  Click here

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