Online Chat

Transcript of Monday’s online chat:

Brian Anderson: Hey everyone, glad to be here with you … let’s get started.

cfjjr: Considering the changes that the Astros and Cardinals have made to their rotations, do you feel, like I do, that the Brewers have the best starting rotation of any team in the NL Central?

Anderson: I do — talented and deep. Pitching always reigns, so from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, I love the arms Ned Yost has at his disposal. So far, everyone is healthy as well.

dan1092: What is your prediction for the 2007 brewers?

Anderson: How about World Series champions?

chisoxenvy: What do you think will be the biggest difference working in the bigs vs. the Minors?

Anderson: Per diem! Game is the same, timing, rhythm, etc. Bigger crowds make it easier to feel the energy. Certainly more eyes on you!

Loomis: Brian, welcome to Wisconsin! What’s your thought on the third base situation? Is a Craig Counsell/Tony Graffanino platoon the best option or should Ryan Braun be given a chance to win the job?

Anderson: Both, for now. I’m all for youth getting a chance and Braun looks great. But it’s already a youthful infield and Counsell/Graffanino are proven commodities. Too early to tell, but the vets get early favor.

JJ7Hardy07: What do you think will come about with the left field situation?

Anderson: Geoff Jenkins.

JJ7Hardy07: Just wondering what position you played while in college?

Anderson: Catcher.

zzzmanwitz: What player not on the expected starting roster do you feel will have the greatest impact on the Brewers this season?

Anderson: How about Corey Koskie? Assuming he’s not ready to start by Opening Day. He’s going through a tough time, I’m rooting for him to return and be healthy.

ronbelliard10: Who did you idolize growing up? Who is your current favorite player and/or Brewer?

Anderson: ‘Donnie Ballgame’ [Don Mattingly]. No favorites. You gotta love ’em all the same, right?

theacc1: What do you think will happen to Jenkins as far as his request to start?

Anderson: I think he’ll start but it’s way too early. As far as his request? I think it’s good that he expects to start. I think it’s good that everyone expects to start. That’s why they call Ned’s job "manager." He’ll manage on and off the field.

wrmnyc: Do you anticipate that the outfield will surprise the fans with some good production?

Anderson: Oh yeah, Bill Hall can flat out swing it. Jenkins has been an All-Star and I saw Corey Hart hit one on top of the grass berm today during the intrasquad game. Plus, competition factor. Big at-bats for all of those guys.

badgerabh3: Glad to see you with the Brew Crew following your dreams. Now that the Buckethead Brigade was officially cancelled, are you and Bill Schroeder planning on having another section like it this year? It was a great time.

Anderson: I heard about the BB, sorry about that. Nothing attached to the announcers will start up. It’s not about us, it’s about you. And, I can report there is another widget in the works as we speak … at least after this post!

bhall52: What do you think about our bullpen situation?

Anderson: Love the ‘pen … power arms! For balance, Brian Shouse might as well be two pitchers in one.

madisonian: Welcome to the Brewers. We’re sure you’ll love Wisconsin as much as the rest of us do in no time. What’s the buzz about you and Bill doing more games than in the past?

Anderson: Yep, 125 on FSN North, and 15 on WMLW TV 41, plus webcasts. It’s a good thing.

regent89: What is your philosophy on looking at the TV monitor while doing play-by-play?

Anderson: Look at the monitor between pitches. Don’t take your eye off the ball when it’s in play.

CrasMack: What has the team done in the offseason to fix the bullpen that has blown so many late leads in the past two seasons?

Anderson: Trust: Francisco Cordero for a full season, Derrick Turnbow returns, Jose Capellan more experience.

regent89: I know you are a music fan, has anyone filled you in on what Summerfest is all about?

Anderson: Oh, believe it, but the Crew is on the road so I’ll be looking for updates. Anxious to see the rundown for Summerfest.

bhall52: Do you think Turnbow will get turned around this year, and how does he look so far?

Anderson: Yes and good. It’s Spring Training, everyone looks good so far.

CrasMack: A young group of infielders resulted in a lot of errors last year. How improved will they be this season?

Anderson: I think much improved. Experience means a lot and the return of J.J. Hardy will make a difference. I think Hall will be excellent in center field and Jenkins might be the best defensive left fielder in the National League. So defense will be much improved.

gumbyr: Will there be a webcast for all or most Spring Training games?

Anderson: Yes, indeed. Webcasts start up Thursday, 2 p.m. CT from Maryvale Baseball Park. We’ll be taking e-mail’s as well during the game. Send to

comeonbrewcrew: As a long-time Brewers fan I’m very excited about the prospects for this year’s team. Who do you think will step up and possibly even overachieve on this year’s team? My guesses are Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart.

Anderson: Good call on both!

Loomis: Have you had a chance to work much will Bill Schroeder yet? What are your impressions of him as a color analyst?

Anderson: Not yet, other than the fake game we did during the audition. We hit it off right away and I’m going to enjoy working with him. We’ve talked quite often over the last two months and he’s been outstanding. He certainly knows his stuff.

madisonian: We have veteran catchers this year. How important do you think they will be to team morale and chemistry?

Anderson: Ah, you know it all starts with the "tools of brilliance!" Winning builds morale!

bradhasbrouck: I’ve predicted that the Twins and Brewers will meet in the World Series. But do you think that’ll happen?

Anderson: I’ve got the Crew in six.

Dustin: Are you a people’s broadcaster or a player’s broadcaster, meaning do you relate more to the fans’ perspective or the players’?

Anderson: Great question! A little of both. Most players are (or were) fans, too. I hope to earn respect from both camps. In my experience, as long as your fair and informed, then available, all should be well.

regent89: I’m looking so forward to spring and baseball! How are you feeling on your MLB debut? Excited? Nervous?

Anderson: A great time of year! I can’t wait to get started. I’ve been working for this gig my entire life. I’ve got some butterflies but they are the good kind and I feel like I’m ready.

Anderson: Thanks everyone, time to wrap up. Check out the webcasts beginning Thursday, 2 p.m. CT at

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