Guest Blogger: (hill)Bill-E

Guest Blogger time here in the "House of Blogs."  The entry below comes from a hillbilly friend of mine from Texas.  Here is Mr. "Redneck," Mr. "Too many disorders to count," Mr."Here’s your sign" himself…Bill Engvall

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Hey Brewer fans…Well the Super Bowl is over, finally.  Don’t get me wrong I am a sports fan but no sport is better than baseball.  There is something about going to a day game with your friends or in my case my wife.  That’s right baseball fans I was lucky enough to marry a woman that LOVES baseball.  So I am looking forward to sitting in the sun with my wife in her jersey and shorts,(which by the way, there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing a baseball jersey.) We sit here and discuss players, whose over paid, whose underpaid, and whose playing in spite of themselves.  Somehow a beer taste better at a ballpark and a hot dog with everything on it. 

Last year the big topic of discussion was how they get the grass cut in different shades of green to create those stripes.  I don’t know if Brian will let me continue this all season but I will give you my perspective on the game as I see it. So here are my criteria for baseball.  It should be played on real grass, not fake, no names on jerseys, if your a fan…you should know the players, and all replays should be played on the big screen no matter the out come.  Finally, if I see one more ad for a television show on the big board I am going to scream.  It’s Baseball not a Nielsen box.  Okay, well there are Bill Engvall’s criteria for a game.  See you at spring training.

I would also like to congratulate Brian on becoming a member of "brewer nation" I myself am an Angel fan. So to make things interesting Brian and I have a little wager (no money because I am still trying to get in to the Hall of Fame for throwing the slowest fast ball in fantasy camp history. I will get to that story on a later date.)  The wager would be to see who has the best record at the All Star break and then at the end of the season.  The loser has to post a video on the "House of Blogs" (not that either one of us could figure out how to do that) wearing the oppositions jersey and talk about how smart the winner is and has to claim that the winner knows more about baseball than the other guy. Best of luck to you Brian, you are going down.

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