A’s to Q’s

Wow, thanks for all the great comments and email’s.  Means a lot.  I’ll fire up a new entry every Monday and respond to questions/comments on Friday’s…Deal?  I still have a few events in Texas (Spurs, College Hoops) to clean up before I join the team for good and am spending most of my free time throttled in full Brewer download.  Some great nuggets.  Like the fact that there was a "Milwaukee Brewers" team in 1901…led by player/manager Hugh Duffy (HOF ’45).  "Sir" Hugh was the ultimate free agent during an era when such a benefit did not exist…bouncing around between rival leagues taking full advantage of his extraordinary batsman-ship (.324 lifetime hitter).  He hit for the highest single season batting average in MLB history in 1894 (.440- some have it at .438) on his way to the Triple Crown.  He was also credited with being Ted Williams first hitting coach.  Which basically went something like this: "Ted, go in there and get a hit, just like I used to…"  "Yessir, Sir…(hit)…How was that, Sir?"  "Perfect, Ted…come back tomorrow and I’ll coach you some more!"

OK…here we go:

– Yes, there will be Spring Training webcast’s this year.  I’ll be there with Bill for all non-radio games and we’d love to make it as interactive as possible and have some fun.  Stay tuned.

– No, I’m not related to Brian Anderson (LHP) or Brian Anderson (OF).  But, my brother, Mike, played in the Big Leagues, briefly.  Mike is now the pitching coach for Bakersfield (CAL League) in the Texas Rangers system.  He’s 6’3".  I’m 5’9"…Milkman!

– To South Side Rob and Big Rygg: I have no idea how to enter the Brewer Nation into my blog (unless I just did?) but I’m all for it as long as you keep it clean for the kids.  And yes, Jeff from Minneapolis has had a good week on his MySpace site after the Stevie Ray Vaughan link.  I don’t know Jeff but I’m guessing he never realized he had such a big following from Brewer fans.  Good work, Jeff!

Plenty of golf questions coming in, which is cool.

– A tip? OK, tip #1…If you’re going to play stinky golf, play stinky golf fast! 

– I have never played a Wisconsin golf course…I did a tournament in Hudson, though (Troy Burne).

– The top 5 I have played? 

#5. Oak Hill (Rochester, NY). A Donald Ross gem – Shaun Micheel had a good week there in ’03. 

#4.  tie: Pete Dye’s Stadium Course at PGA West (La Quinta, CA) and Ocean Course (Kiawah Island).  Design marvels, both.   

#3. Kinloch Golf Club (Richmond, Va).  Goose bump setting.  Augusta-like without the "toonamunt." 

#2. Bel-Air CC (Beverly Hills). Great design, great weather, celebrities everywhere, and an elevator…on the course…to get you from 9 to 10.  Legendary.

#1a. Spy Glass (Pebble Beach)  Nothing like sea lions interrupting your backswing!

And # 1. The great PV, Pine Valley (outside Philly). Don’t ask, I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy.  But by far, the greatest collection of 18 holes in America.   

That was 7, sorry.

…and speaking of Duffy, I’ll leave you with this…HD




Just kidding, that was for my 7 year old…here you go: PG


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